Continental TKC 70 review

Continental TKC 70At the end of July we were pleased to be able to unveil the all new Continental TKC 70 on/off-road tyre to the world, and it has already attracted huge interest from riders and the press alike!

The new TKC 70 is a 60% on to 40% off-road tyre, and finally gives big adventure bike riders the freedom to take their bikes almost anywhere without compromising on all-round performance and durability.

In their 20th August 2014 issue, Motorcycle News gave their thoughts on the TKC 70 after attending the official launch which saw riders take in a range of mountain and coastal roads in Snowdonia, along with a number of off-road sections. Chris Moss writer:

“The TKC 70 is Continentals new dual-purpose tyre for big adventure bikes.

MCN tested them on and off-road in Wales, coming away highly impressed with their versatility. Normally tyres trying to be jack-of-all-trades are compromised on the road. Pushed harder, the dual purpose rubber starts to move around on its tread blocks, restricting further speed. This is not the case with the Contis. Sampling them on a range of adventure machines, I found the TKCs on-road performance outstanding. They certainly don’t limit your pace.

On KTMs capable 150bhp 1190 Adventure, carving quickly through Welsh back roads and main routes felt safe and secure. Able to test the TKCs harder, thanks to the 1190s electronic safety net of advanced ABS and traction control, I experienced solid feel and superb grip at all speeds. Their profile gives consistent and predictable steering. When it rained during the test, the tread pattern cleared water well enough to maintain excellent adhesion. The same remained true aboard a BMW R1200GS, a Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere and a Triumph Tiger Explorer. If you hadn’t noticed the rugged tread pattern, youd think you were on top quality sports touring rubber.

Off-road, the Contis are also surprisingly capable, gripping well on gravel and rocky surfaces, providing good feedback and sliding predictability when they let go. They’re not designed for deeper mud.”

The first German produced radial sizes of the brand new TKC 70, which sits right in the middle of the TKC 80 and ContiTrailAttack 2 in our adventure sport range are due to be ready in October, so stay tuned and we will let you know when they arrive in the UK!