ContiRoadAttack 2 Evo reviewIn their 11th June 2014 edition, Motorcycle News have been testing some of the latest sport touring rubber available on the UK market and included in that test was the brand new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO which arrived in the UK for the first time earlier this year.

The new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO looked to build on the success of the popular ContiRoadAttack 2 which was launched in 2010. The new tyre offers riders an increase in mileage, and it also offers even greater levels of grip in the wet. There are a range of sizes which covers not only middleweight and sports bikes, but also large adventure bikes such as the BMW R1200 GS.

The MCN review was carried out by consumer editor Tony Hoare, who fitted a set of our latest rubber to his Ducati Monster 1200 long term test bike in order to put them through their paces. The first job for any rider when fitting a set of new tyres is scrubbing them in, but as Tony found out the engineers at the Continental factory in Germany have gone a long way towards changing that with our Traction Skin technology which provides grip and increases rider safety from the word go on a number of products.

With the rain starting to fall just 20 minutes before Tony was due to hit the roads, plenty of time to give them a good soaking he goes on to say:

“In any normal circumstances this would be a horror story, but its perversely the ideal situation for a first go on Contis latest sports touring tyre – for two reasons. Firstly, Continental claims its tyres barely need any scrubbing in. Secondly, the claimed improvements for this new-for-2014 tyre are all about increasing the levels of performance in the wet.

And if the evidence of the first 40 miles were to be taken alone, Continental has hit the back of the net on both counts. Within a mile of MCN headquarters, I could confidently splosh along on wet roads despite the tyres being new, which would normally fry my head.”

A further day into the test and Tony decided to test the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO on the back roads along the route of his very wet commute and commented “they are very reassuring in both handling and grip. Riding at a similar pace to my dry commute, I had no moments and felt constantly confident that the Evos had my back. Under braking they grip well, on turn-in and through corner exit they cope well with the torquey delivery of the Ducatis 1200cc V-twin.”

Summing up Tony said that the Continental was in the same league at the Pirelli Angel GT, which was voted MCN 2013 tyre of the year and was a benchmark for the Continental engineers developing the new EVO for 2014.