ContiTrailAttack 3 review

Earlier this year, we invited members of the world’s biking press to Crete so that they could test out the brand new ContiTrailAttack 3 adventure tyre, and what a test it was!

Instead of the anticipated late winter sun we were greeted with high winds and rain so heavy that it had caused a series of landslips and bridge washouts across the island.

Undeterred, Continental staff and our guests all hit the road regardless, and among those taking part was respected UK biking journalist Chris Moss.

Writing recently for Motorcycle News, Chris commented:

“Aboard BMW’s latest R1250GS, the Contis provide a very reassuring feel, thanks to impressive feedback and grip. Given the very challenging nature and condition of some parts of the route, this security is a welcome bonus.

Conti points out the value of the tyres’ ‘RainGrip’ silica compound in such wet weather, adding that the deeper tread depth of the rear tyre, with its grooves extending all the way to the sidewall, also boosts wet traction. Those deeper grooves extend tyre mileage too.

The German manufacturer claim these tyres reach full temperature within 1.5 kilometres from setting off and I can vouch for these claims. Even deliberate provocation on the throttle coming out of corners, and deeper braking going into them, fails to trigger either traction control or ABS.

Stability is good, though sustained high speeds are more limited on Crete’s roads. As far as their performance in poor weather is concerned, the TrailAttack 3s get a high score.”

ContiTrailAttack 3 tests

Chris has also been testing the tyres back here in the UK, riding the latest KTM 1090 Adventure. In his MCN article he states:

“They give the bike an agile and predictable feel. Steering is light and easy, with grip more than good enough for hard riding.

Excellent feedback lets you brake deep into corners safely and get on the throttle early to drive keenly from corners. The bigger 19″ front wheels of adventure bikes can sometimes lead to a slightly vague feel when turning harder into tighter corners, but with the Contis I’m happy and confident to get my knee down.”

Chris’s article can now be read in full on the MCN website.

All pairs are currently available with a free Continental branded tank or dry bag in the UK, while stocks last.

You can view the full ContiTrailAttack 3 range and bag offer details here.