Slick race tyres

It was a tough weekend for Matt Pearce Racing at Donington Park National Circuit in the Thundersport GB Formula 600 championship.

During the first qualifying session, Matt became immediately aware of a lack of power from the bike. Setup changes had delivered much improved handling on the ContiRaceAttack shod machine, but unable to set any really good lap times, Matt qualified 29th out of 38.

After bringing the bike back into the garage, it immediately became clear that the battery was almost completely flat, so they decided to charge the lithium race battery, and also attempt to remove any air locks in the radiator which the team believed were causing the bike to overheat.

At the start of the first race, Matt lined up way down the field, but could feel the difference the changes had made to the bike. Making use of the increased power and improved handling, he was picking up places quickly. Then a problem with drive issues in 4th gear, which quickly became progressively worse saw Matt pull in at Redgate, ending his first race early, and looking to put a very frustrating day behind him.

After a late night gearbox change, the team were back up and running for the action on Sunday. Suspecting the bike was once again failing to run at full power, Matt still managed to move up through the field to finish a hard fought 12th. Still concerned about overheating, the team then set about working hard to remove any further airlocks in the radiator before lining up on the grid for a final time.

This also failed to cure the problem, and as the bike got progressively hotter, it began to misfire, leaving Matt with no option other than to short shift, to cool the bike as much as possible. Matt managed to battle his way to 11th position, picking up further valuable points, which leave him 8th in the championship overall. Considering that Matt has missed two rounds this year, due to mechanical and funding issues, he has made huge progress and put in some very solid performances.

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