KTM 1050 Adventure tyre reviewsThe KTM 1050 Adventure is the Austrian manufacturer’s new, slightly more ‘wallet friendly’ adventure bike, which can even be used by A2 licence holders – and the lucky people at RiDE Magazine have had one on long term test for more than 7,000 miles. After all that time, the bike is still going strong, and more importantly, it’s still entertaining to ride.

Despite it’s simpler suspension and electronics, cast wheels and a less powerful engine than it’s big brother the KTM 1190 Adventure, KTM still claim that the 1050 can be used both on and off-road – a notion which has already been tested and approved by RiDE magazine after they switched the OE rubber to our more capable TKC 70 tyres!

However, in their November 2015 edition, Technical Editor Matt Hull has encountered a bit of a problem on the road – the panniers are a bit on the wide side,making filtering very difficult. Matt also says that the “impressive Continental TKC 70 tyres” combined with their sheer size are the reason his aluminium panniers keep decking out on the road during cornering. Fortunately for us, we didn’t design the panniers, and we can’t really be held accountable for the tyre being so grippy!

on/off-road motorcycle tyresSo, how are the tyres doing since they gave their initial review last month?

“The Continental TKC 70 tyres are faring brilliantly” says Matt. “Despite initial impressions wet-weather grip feels fine after another 1500 miles, and they give decent grip off-road too.”

We can’t wait to see how RiDE get on with the tyres as they continue to put more and more mileage on the bike – and you can pick up their latest issue for more information.

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