Ducati scrambler tyres

Cast your mind back several decades, to a time before big technology laden adventure bikes and enduro machines ruled the roost, and it was the humble scrambler that was at the pinnacle of off-road riding. Basic and versatile was seemingly a recipe for success, and riders took them everywhere!

Recently the whole scrambler theme has been revived, and two manufacturers at the forefront of this are Triumph and Ducati.

But how do these modern bikes live up to the scramblers of yesteryear, and more importantly, can they really be taken seriously off-road?

Triumph scrambler tyresWell, to put that to the test US based Motorcyclist Magazine sent journalists Ari Henning and Zack Courts high into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on stock Triumph and Ducati scramblers to see just how far they could get before coming unstuck!

The only change that they decided to make was to replace the original equipment rubber with the Continental TKC 80, which is a proven adventure tyre which performs both on and off-road. It must be noted at this point that they opted to fit our 110/80-18 rear tyre to the front of the Ducati for the purposes of the test, however we do not recommend this fitment.

Setting off with a route plan and an adventurous spirit, the two riders saw their bikes perform far beyond their expectations, crossing 12,000 foot high mountain passes on some often difficult terrain, ranging from rocky trails to slippery mud and water crossings.

Of course, a modern day adventure machine has it’s advantages. Built-in protection for certain vital components, and more ground clearance, both of which become apparent in the video, but perhaps all you truly need is a bike, a a sense of adventure, and of course, the right tyres……

Watch the full test video here.

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