CycleNews ContiTour review

Last year we brought out a brand new range of cruiser tyres – the ContiTour black wall, and ContiLegend white wall.

They are already proving to be very popular here in Europe, and in the States they have been a huge hit with riders on big V-Twin machines.

In the USA, popular magazine Cycle News have recently tested a set of the ContiTour tyres on their long term Indian Scout.

The ContiTour uses our latest MileagePlus Compound to give a 20% increase in mileage when compared with our previous ContiMilestone.

We also use our MaxComfort construction to improve the self damping properties of the tyre, and an aggressively styled tread pattern has been optimised to clear water from around the contact patch for excellent wet grip.

ContiTour Indian Scout test

Road Test Editor Rennie Scaysbrook commented:

“I don’t get to ride Continental’s very often. Normally it’s Continental’s main rival Dunlop that gets fitted to the few cruisers I get to swing a leg over so it’s nice to get a feel for something different every now and then.

We took the ContiTours and fitted them up to an Indian Scout for a bit of summer cruising around So Cal. The bad part is summer in California saw not a single drop of rain, so as far as Conti’s claims of good wet-weather performance goes, I can’t say.

What I can judge on was the ContiTour’s stability and road comfort, which were the main factors that stood out in our months with the Indian. Compared to some other cruiser tyres I’ve tried, the ContiTour has a lovely soft feel at speed, with excellent steering properties. Considering the Indian Scout is one of the lighter cruisers on the market, this excellent steering fact alone was no great surprise, but the overall ride comfort certainly was. The ContiTour would track nicely over rough tarmac and wouldn’t get nervous when crossing heavily painted lines on the freeway. Our testing was just over 1000 miles of highway, city and touring, so granted, it was only scratching the surface of what the Conti’s could do. At that point, they barely looked like they’d been worn in, which comes down to the backbone carcass design keeping wear to a minimum.

In all, they performed brilliantly on our test with the Indian, although I think a heavier machine would suit these tyres even better.”

You can check out the full article on the Cycle News website.

Find out more about the ContiTour here.