Husqvarna 701 Supermoto 2016 review

Initially launched in 2015, could the latest incarnation of the 701 Supermoto from Husqvarna be the king of it’s class?

According to Scott Rousseau of, it’s quite possible – and as an owner, your licence may be at risk as a result!

Built around the kind of single cylinder engine that parent company KTM are famous for, the Supermoto 701 very much pays homage to Husqvarna’s early street circuit racing history – packing plenty of punch to make the most of each and every one of those 67 horses.

Rousseau was recently lucky enough to be invited by the Swedish marque to a 120-mile launch ride through the twisties of southern California, departing from their headquarters in the town of Temecula.

The first thing he noticed was how the seating position affords the rider plenty of freedom to move when leaning in and out of the corners, and the Husky is definitely at home on these kinds of roads. Power delivery is strong and smooth, with an instant response from the ride by wire throttle – and the broad rev range and superb low-end torque allow it to slingshot you from one corner to the next.

The bike also comes with three power modes – soft, standard and advanced, although the dial to adjust these is found under the seat, as has been the case with KTM on this engine for quite some time.

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Of the clutch, Scott commented:

“The clutch is a real beauty, with smooth action and a light and linear feel at the lever. Of course, for Supermoto-style riding, its slipper action adds to the fun factor as you learn to bang down multiple gears at once while entering the corner and then let out the clutch. The 701 Supermoto will respond by allowing the rear wheel to skid without chattering, which allows an experienced rider to slide into a corner, flat-track style. It’s a lot of fun!”

The bike’s low centre of gravity and superb chassis give it rock solid stability in a straight line, with an indicated top speed of 120mph, but the bike feels far lighter than it’s indicated dry weight making it extremely maneuverable too. Brembo’s four piston caliper on the front gives some serious stopping power – with an optional extra to deactivate the rear Bosch ABS system whilst keeping it turned on at the front, which testers had found to be a little sensitive with the ABS turned off.

ContiAttack SM reviewThe bike comes with ContiAttack SM tyres as standard, which have been designed specifically for supermoto style machines, and Rousseau comments:

“Husqvarna also made a good tyre choice in the Continental Attack radials fitted to the 701 Supermoto. The 17-inchers deliver consistent grip on the asphalt and telegraph when they are about to slip.”

If you want eye-catching styling, adrenaline inducing supermoto fun, and a machines which is also capable of putting in some miles without proving to be too uncomfortable, then the 701 Supermoto is definitely for you!

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