Husqvarna 701 Enduro review

Husqvarna’s 701 Enduro is seen as the less aggressive, more manageable cousin to KTM’s superb 690 Enduro R.

Underneath, both bikes have quite a lot in common – like parent firm KTM’s very latest liquid-cooled, 690cc single-cylinder power plant.

The Austrian firm’s engineers worked wonders when bring the engine into line with Euro 4 regulations, and the latest version comes with added horsepower, more peak torque and a higher rev range.

Husky’s 701 Enduro does have a number of key differences when compared with the KTM, like the WP USD suspension with it’s 275mm of travel. There’s also smoother power delivery, thanks to a new fuel map, and room for extra fuel courtesy of a 13-litre tank.

At just 145kg without fuel, the 701 Enduro feels lightweight and flick-able – certainly far less imposing than taking a heavyweight ADV bike off-road.

With the latest engine map there’s also good news for A2 licence holders, as the Husqvarna can be restricted from 74bhp down to just 40.2bhp, ideal for budding adventure riders who haven’t yet had the chance to take their full licence.

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure’s Ross Mowbray has been lucky enough to take at A2 restricted model for a test ride, and had this to say in their February 2018 edition:

“Off-road, it’s light weight and smooth power delivery are perfect; lots of low-down torque and a 21in front wheel help the bike glide effortlessly over pretty much any terrain.

The suspension is incredibly refined, allowing the Husky to soak up the bumps with ease.

It’s Continental TKC 80 tyres are more than capable of finding grip on the most chewed-up, rutted trails you could imagine too – and even the Brembo disc brakes’ ABS system works surprisingly well off-road, and will be useful to all but the most confident of off-road riders.”

If you’re the kind of rider who demands serious off-road performance, this could be the bike for you!

Pick up the latest issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure for the full article.

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