Have you ever wondered how a motorcycle tyre is made? 

Before the tyre even goes to production, designers and engineers at Continental work hard researching and developing every single element of the new tyre from the tread pattern to the rubber compound in order to ensure that the end product meets both the needs and expectations of riders just like you. Only when this process is complete, and the tyre has undergone a series of tests, refinements and further tests until it is just right can it go into production in a facility like this one at our factory in Korbach, Germany.

How motorcycle tyres are madeFirstly our skilled workers prepare the carcass. The design of the carcass is key as it will provide a foundation upon which the rest of the tyre is built.

motorcycle tyre productionThe completed carcasses are then hung on racks, before being moved on to the next stage of the production process.

Machines are then used in order to create the belting which helps to give the tyre its shape and strength.

The tyre profile is key in terms of maximising the size of the contact patch which keeps you and your bike connected with the road. The belting needs to be strong enough to allow the tyre to deform when it rolls over bumps and cracks in the road, in order to provide a more comfortable ride whilst preventing the tyre from losing its shape.

Motorcycle zero degree beltThe belting is then transferred onto the carcass via a mechanical process, in order to create a rubberised blank.

A number of our tyres employ zero degree belt technology, which helps to provide increased levels of stability at speed and under hard braking.

The rubberised blanks are then moved on to the next stage of production.

Motorcycle tyre mouldsAt the hot press the rubberised blanks are placed into a mould which is specific to the size and tread pattern, in order to be cured.

It is at this point that we use processes like our Continuous Compound Technology, which varies the temperature in different sections of the mould in order to create multi compound style tyre with only a single compound. This helps to eliminate the step many riders experience transitioning from the softer shoulder compound to the harder central compound and back again when leaning in and out of corners.

Continental tyre factoryOnce curing has taken place, the tyres are removed from the mould. With our Traction Skin Technology, we are able to remove the tyre from the mould without the use of a releasing agent. These releasing agents give many tyres their shiny black appearance, and are the main reason why most tyres require a scrubbing in period.

However, with the Continental Traction Skin, the tyre is given a micro rough surface which provides much improved rider safety from the outset and practically eliminates the need for scrubbing in, meaning you can enjoy your new tyres straight away.

14 Endkontrolle,Before being loaded on to racks ready to be shipped around the world for riders just like you, each tyre is checked and finished by hand by one of our skilled experts.

So much time and effort goes into the whole process of designing and producing a motorcycle tyre at Continental in order to provide you with optimum performance, safety and most importantly enjoyment, no matter where your journey takes you! Buy with confidence, buy Continental.