Africa Twin Adventure sport tyres

There can be absolutely no doubt that the re-introduction of the Africa Twin has been a roaring success over the last two years.

Honda’s original bike developed a real cult following, but the latest model has real universal appeal – bigger than some middleweight competitors, but smoother and less imposing off-road than some of the heavyweights.

New for 2018, Honda have also released a new ‘Adventure Sports’ version which is designed to offer even greater off-road prowess than the standard bike.

The Japanese manufacturer chose Spain as the location for it’s European launch, and Continental TKC 80 tyres were subsequently fitted to all bikes ahead of the off-road portion of the event.

best Africa Twin adventure sport tyres

Built around the same engine as the base model, the Adventure Sport adopts ride-by-wire and offers the rider a wider range of riding modes as a result.

Footrests have got bigger following feedback from end users, making it easier to adopt that stand-up stance that is key to off-roading. Honda have also improved wind protection with a taller screen, and crash bars protect the new tri-colour fairing which is a throwback to the 80s original.

Longer suspension also gives an additional 2cm of travel at either end of the bike, and the bike offers increased ground clearance too. A 24.2 litre fuel tank also increases range to 250 miles at 50mpg making it a more viable option for the serious overlander.

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure recently attended the launch, and commented:

“Those narrow wheels helped the Adventure Sport steer very controllably off-road too, especially the next day when we swapped to knobblier Conti TKC 80 rubber. These gave reassuring grip even on the damp and sandy dirt track, where the Gravel mode’s reduced power would have been fine, but I preferred it in combination with the User mode’s option of additional engine braking.”

You can find out more about the launch in the latest issue of the magazine, out now.

The TKC 80 is our tried-and-tested on/off-road tyre for overlanders and adventure bike riders. As used by the likes of Nick Sanders, 2ridetheworld and GlobeBusters, you can find out more about the TKC 80 here.