Honda Africa Twin tyres CRF1000L

Following a recent test, the highly regarded German magazine Motorrad has recommended two of the latest Continental tyres for fitment on the new Honda Africa Twin.

The experts at Motorrad, who are widely regarded as producing the most thorough test reports in the 2-wheel industry, spent time riding on both the ContiTrailAttack 2 and more aggressive TKC 70.

ContiTrailAttack 2 Honda Africa TwinIn issue 19/2016 of the magazine their testers had the following to say:

“After only the first few meters, the Conti tyre instills you with a lot of confidence. The Trail Attack 2 is characterized by first-class feedback and very neutral handling. The tyre also exhibits a neutral steering response and gives a positive feeling for the road, even in extreme banking maneuvers. Our enthusiasm for this tyre is only dampened slightly by the relatively high rate of abrasion and moderate wet grip.

Instills confidence and a pleasure to ride – the latest tyre recommendation for the Honda Africa Twin.”

  • motorcycle tyres Honda Africa TwinTKC 70 (70% road / 30% off-road)

“The design of the TKC 70 is somewhat more focused on off-roading than the Trail Attack 2. The higher proportion of negative profile therefore restricts steering precision. Nevertheless, with its good grip and clear feedback, this Conti tyre is in excellent form. It is twitchier than the Trail Attack 2 only in extreme banking maneuvers but, in wet conditions, the TKC offers more grip.

Slightly better on rough terrain but not as good on the road as the Trail Attack 2.”

The test didn’t venture too far off the beaten track – but for those of you that do, the TKC 80 has also been very well received by journalists who tested the bike on it’s official launch earlier in the year!

All options are available in a wide range of sizes for all the leading adventure motorcycles.

You can view the complete Continental adventure tyre range here.