Continental Grip Limit Feedback technology

The new ContiSportAttack 3 contains all of our core technologies, but one, Grip Limit Feedback, is brand new and currently therefore currently unavailable in any other tyre in our range.

But what is Grip Limit Feedback, and just how does it work?

This new technology emerged almost as a bi-product of the intensive 3.5 year development process of the new ContiSportAttack 3.

One of the big aims for the new tyre was to dramatically improve wet grip, and internal testing confirm that our engineers have done just that thanks to a variety of methods. The improvement translates into a 20% increase over the previous ContiSportAttack 2.

However, in the early stages of development , engineers produced a prototype which was so much better in the wet than it’s predecessor that after much discussion and evaluation it was decided that it could potentially give less-experienced riders too much confidence, with the potential to put them in dangerous situations on the roads.

With the need to scale back the wet grip to a suitable level, it was then decided to create a tyre which offered riders more warning before it loses traction – and from this idea, Grip Limit Feedback was born.

California Superbike School UK tyres

By reducing the amount of silica in the tyre’s compound and using a specially designed carcass, we are able to maintain steady forces at the side of the tyre as it begins to lose traction, which is translated into a smooth and progressive feedback through the bars, allowing the rider to take corrective action and therefore increasing safety.

In wet conditions our unique tread pattern ensures that water drainage from around the contact patch is optimised at all points throughout the tyre’s 360 degree rotation, even at the edge of its profile. Along with Grip Limit Feedback, this helps to boost rider confidence in the wet.

The new ContiSportAttack 3 is also the choice of California Superbike School UK, and comes fitted to their range of Ducati machines used by both coaches and students. Unlike dedicated track rubber, it allows them to operate in a wide range of conditions.

You can find out more about the new ContiSportAttack 3 here.