sports bike tyresIn the May 2015 edition of Fast Bikes, they featured the ContiSportAttack 2 hypersport tyre in their popular ‘Grip Advisor’ section.

Used by California Superbike School UK, it is ideal for fast road riding and track days, and was rated ‘Best On Public Roads’ in a big independent hypersport tyre test in 2014.

So what did Fast Bikes have to say about this high tech rubber?

“The German brand has really upped its game in the past few years. Not only have Conti riders been winning club races at a decent level, the SportAttack 2 was one of the suprise packages at our gargantuan tyre test a few years ago. The SA2 obviously isn’t new rubber but it still feels as fresh today. It sits in the same fast road class as the Pirelli Rosso Corsas and Dunlop Sportsmarts, but is more than capable of trackday action and as fast as its racier option; the RaceAttack. There are no multi compounds to the SportAttack 2 although the processes involved mirror a harder middle and soft shoulders, and it uses a zero-degreesteel belt – similar to that of the Metzeler M7RR. It takes a while to gain any confidence when the rubber is fresh, with a sketchy, harsh, plastic feel, but the SA2s make up for it with lashings of grip in all areas, particularly rear-end acceleration grip. The front hoop is also uber impressive and belittles its position in the market as a road tyre, as it’s well supported off the throttle. With a stiff carcass. they might not be everyone’s cuppa and bump absorption isn’t top shelf, but the stiffness brings stability and light handling. Highly recommended.”

Isn’t it time you tried Continental?

Find out more about the ContiSportAttack 2 here.