Nick Sanders R1 world record

Global adventurer Nick Sanders hit the headlines when he rode around the globe in just 19 days and 4 hours.

Covering 19,600 miles in total, to break the record Nick had to cover 1000 miles day-after-day.

In this week’s issue of Motorcycle News, he explains how to do the same:

“To ride big distances you need to understand your body as it is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. These kind of mileages aren’t something you can just decide to do overnight, you need to condition both your body and mind to do it before you even consider trying to achieve them.

Riding big mileages day after day is a massive challenge as the mental and physical exertions soon catch up with you – for that reason you need a reasonable degree of fitness. You can’t expect to be able to sustain mileages if you are overweight as supporting those extra kilos will quickly sap your energy.

When I’m riding, tiredness is hard to fend off, as is boredom. Some people are genetically built to withstand tiredness and I’m lucky enough that I can recharge my body’s batteries quickly, but some people simply can’t.

I tend to take short catnaps of about 15 – 30 minutes every four hours rather than one long sleep, which is more than enough to refresh both your mind and body. I will occasionally treat myself to a full night’s sleep, but not that often.

On long rides I have trained my mind not to get bored by becoming even more observant of what is happening around me, it’s just a trick I have developed to keep my mind active. And I tend to set myself goals – ride 300 miles and then have breakfast for example – to keep my motivation up and nibble food along the way rather than have big meals that tend to make you sleepy.

And avoid caffeine, it is a diuretic and makes you need to stop for a wee, which breaks your rhythm – and setting a good rhythm is key to covering big miles.”

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