winter motorcycle checks preparation advice

If you’re an all-year-round rider, then it’s even more important that you keep your bike in tip-top condition.

Lower temperatures and bad weather make for increasingly difficult riding conditions, and they both take their toll on your motorcycle.

Thankfully a few simple checks and changes can make all the difference, as GlobeBusters recently explained to RiDE Magazine readers.

  • Tyres

Your number one priority should be to check your tyres, making sure that they are in good condition. Make sure they have plenty of remaining tread to deal with the increased amount of water and debris you’re likely to encounter on the road. Also ensure that you regularly check and adjust your pressures. A good quality sport touring tyre like the test topping ContiRoadAttack 3 will work well in lower temperatures and offer reassuring levels of grip on wet roads.

  • Oil

The colder the temperature, the thicker your oil will be. That makes it even more important that you use the correct oil, so check your owner’s handbook for the recommended grade.

  • Coolant

If your bike is liquid-cooled, make sure that the strength of your anti-freeze is correct for the temperature’s you’re anticipating.

  • Battery

A drop in temperature means a reduction in your battery’s capacity. This is because the chemical reaction used to generate the electricity slows down, so it’s a good idea to use an optimiser/charger to keep it in good condition.

  • Screen

Big screens may not suit all types of motorcycle, but they do offer extra protection against driving rain and windchill, so they’re still a worthwhile investment in your battle against the elements.

  • Mechanicals

Getting stranded because of a breakdown is never a pleasant experience, but it’s even more frustrating when it’s cold and wet too. Make sure your bike has undergone a thorough inspection to identify any potential mechanical problems.

  • Corrosion

Damage caused by both salt and water can damage key components on your motorcycle, and wipe a chunk of cash off the re-sale value in just a single season. After each ride wash, dry and cover your bike – both with corrosion protector and a cover.

Whether riding on or off-road, GlobeBusters will select the right tyre for their needs from the Continental range ahead of each expedition.

You can find out more about our adventure tyre range here.