Continental TKC 70 review

Launched in the Summer of 2014, the TKC 70 provided the market with a real dual purpose tyre – the on-road performance of a sport touring tyre allied to genuine off-road ability when the tarmac runs out.

Slotting slap-bang in the middle of our adventure tyre range, it can take you further off the beaten track than the ContiTrailAttack 2, and give you more miles than the TKC 80 on the road.

As RiDE Magazine put it after the launch, this is “more than just a road tyre in off-road drag.”

But how have they performed over a longer period of testing?

Globebusters tyre reviews

Well, who better to ask than the team at GlobeBusters Motorcycle Expeditions, who had this to say in their recent newsletter:

“We’ve been riding Conti’s for many years, with the TKC80 always being our tyre of choice when we know we’ll be riding on dirt roads.  

Back in 2014, Conti brought out a more dual purpose tyre, the TKC70, which is a great overland tyre choice.  


It has better longevity (we rode the whole of our Delhi to Bangkok Expedition of 7000 miles on one set of TKC 70s, and I reckon there was still another 1,000 to be had), and is designed to cope with the variety of terrain that you get on an extended tour or overland journey, which tends to be more tarmac, with sections of dirt, rather than pure off road. 

When we’re in Europe, it’s the ContiTrailAttack 2.”

At Continental, we know that tyre choice if often based on personal preference – but we can safely say that whatever your adventure, we’ve got you covered!

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