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“We tested out Conti’s new adventure tyre on our Delhi to Bangkok Expedition last year.  On an overland adventure ride, just what is the best tyre?  A large part of such a journey is often on tarmac, but there’s critical sections of dirt road and then the tyre has to last the miles too, for parts of the world where getting new rubber is virtually impossible  – for this type of journey, we can say that the Conti TKC70 is a great choice and we’ll be using them for all our upcoming expeditions, including the 2016 Delhi to Bangkok Expedition “

That’s what GlobeBusters had to say about our latest adventure tyre in their most recent newsletter. So, just where are GlobeBusters planning on testing the new TKC 70 next year?

Patagonia Motorcycle Tour

Patagonia: To the End of the Earth

With their 2015 tour sold out, it’s safe to say that Patagonia is a popular destination for a once in a lifetime motorcycle trip.

This stunning region crosses Chile and Argentina, and offers a superb combination of tarmac and dirt riding, eventually ending up at the most southerly place on the planet that is accessible by road.

It’s 2,760 miles in just 15 days of riding and takes in some amazing sites including the volcanic landscapes of the Chilean Lake District, and the Los Glaciares National Park.

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Colombia: The Andes & Carribean

Another popular tour that sold out in 2015, Colombia offers lush green mountains, mountains and valleys.

According to the GlobeBusters team, the only danger in Colombia is not wanting to leave when the 16 day, 2000 mile tour finishes!

The trip includes tarmac and a number of unpaved sections of road, giving you a chance to get off the beaten track!

Take in the frantic traffic of Bogota, then in sharp contrast, relax on pristine white beaches on the Caribbean coast to the north.

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Dalton Highway by Motorcycle

Alaska & The Yukon

Alaska’s Dalton Highway, made famous by the Ice Road Truckers series, takes you beyond the Arctic Circle.

Taking you all the way to the most northerly point in the Americas that can be reached by road, this is a vast and isolated landscape.

The GlobeBusters trip covers around 3,300 miles in 17 days, on a highway that is primarily dirt, and can see snow even in the middle of summer.

But to say you’ve been all the way to Prudhoe Bay and the famous Deadhorse Post Office, it’s well worth it.

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Himalayas – Delhi to Bangkok

A new route added to the GlobeBusters itinerary, this trip takes in the Southern Himalayas, Burma, and eventually Thailand over the course of 7,000 miles.

The route includes riding through Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan and the Wild East of India’s Nagaland, and offers some very challenging riding in both extreme heat and freezing temperatures.

If you’ve got ten weeks to spend, this trip truly is the pinnacle of the GlobeBusters 2016 calendar!

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With plenty of on and off-road riding, it’s the ideal environment for the new TKC 70. Search for GlobeBusters on Facebook for all their latest updates!