adventure bike riding skills

In the July 2016 edition of RiDE Magazine, Kevin and Julia Sanders of Continental official partner GlobeBusters have been giving their advice on the key riding skills you should master before heading on your next overland adventure.

Riding in a wide variety of places around the globe can throw up many different challenges, and when you’re on a fully loaded adventure bike, you need to be ready for them.

Here are some of Kevin and Julia’s top tips:

  • Find Your Balance Point

Knowing where your bike’s balance point is will help make maneuvering in tight spaces much easier. Setting off only to realise that you can’t handle your fully loaded machine is pretty embarrassing, and at worst could ruin your trip.

  • Master Slow Control

With traffic filled cities, U-turns in narrow cobbled streets and tiny hostel entrances just a small selection of the things GlobeBusters have encountered over the years, they have had become masters of the delicate balance between throttle, clutch and back brake. If your feet regularly come off the pegs just in case, then you’ve got some work to do!

  • Corner With Confidence

Learn how to read a bend, and more importantly, know your limits. If you don’t know the meaning of vanishing point or counter steering, that dream road could quickly become a nightmare.

  • Know When To Overtake

Be assertive and positive with your riding in order to make a brisk overtake, but know when and how to do it safely. Many a time, GlobeBuster’s riders have seen people pull out on slow trucks, only just making it beyond them as something comes careering around the corner in the other direction.

  • Emergency Stops

Have you ever practiced an emergency stop after passing your test? If you’re shrugging your shoulders be comforted by the fact that most of us haven’t. But in reality, whether you have ABS or not, you need to be able to keep the bike upright if you happen to lock-up under braking. Depending on your location, parts could be very difficult to source if you drop your bike. It’s all about prevention versus cure.

  • Get Off-Road Ready

Even if you don’t have plans to head off-road, being able to ride on something other than tarmac is bound to be a big help somewhere along the line. Even some of the most basic off-road skills can be helpful when you decide to take that gravel track to the local viewpoint, or the grass to the nearby camping spot.

  • Pack In The Miles

Long distance travel can throw up some real curve balls. A closed border, a long trip to the nearest town for assistance or last minute dash with a ferry to catch, you need to be ready for the possibility of a long day in the saddle. Many of us don’t train to be capable or confident of riding for longer periods, but when you’ve got no option, what do you do? Be ready to face a 500-mile trip, just in case.

For all of their long distance adventures, GlobeBusters put their trust in the range of Continental adventure tyres, with options available for road, off-road and everything in between!

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