GlobeBusters motorcycle tours best tyres

When it comes to a big trip some riders, quite understandably, just want to pack their gear and go!

However, GlobeBusters founders Kevin and Julia Sanders firmly believe from their many years of experience that if you want your ride to be memorable for the right reasons, you need to do your research!

With so many great riding destinations out there, it can be hard to pick, but to help you narrow it down, here’s a few tips they recently shared with readers of RiDE Magazine:

  • Dirt or Tarmac

First up, you’ll need to think about the kind of riding you want to do. Most GlobeBusters expeditions offer a mixture of both, but that doesn’t have to mean hard core enduro type trails. Many countries have unpaved, public roads that can make for some great adventure riding.

  • Budget

If you don’t have much to spend you’ll need to find somewhere with cheap accommodation, or that’s suitable for camping. Don’t discount the UK and areas like the Scottish Highlands, to save on your costs reaching your destination. Some areas are quite expensive at present due to exchange rates, but Eastern Europe and Morocco certainly offer great value right now.

  • Climate

When you want to go on your trip can have a big impact on the range of suitable destinations. In the early part of the year it’s rainy season in South America for example, with flash flooding and landslides commonplace. Morocco can be warm in the winter months, but even the highest mountains often see snow. Don’t find yourself in the right place, and the wrong time!

  • Time

We don’t all have the luxury of a year off work to take on a round the world adventure! If you only have a couple of weeks, fly-hire or options closer to home are your best bet. If time isn’t so much of an issue, you can start to think more about a route as opposed to just a destination!

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  • Got Two Weeks?

Spain is a firm GlobeBusters favourite, whether you’re after dirt roads of silky smooth tarmac. For more of a culture shock, you can reach Morocco in three to four days, or even Istanbul in six! For fly-ride destinations, take a look at Patagonia, South Africa, Colombia or even Thailand!

  • Got Two Months?

If you freight your bike out to Africa, six weeks allows plenty of time to get from the Kenyan capital of Nairobi all the way to Cape Town – with dirt or tarmac routes a plenty! Montevideo in Uruguay makes a top destination from which to explore South America, riding across the Andes and Altiplano to the Pacific coast and back. If you don’t want to spend your money on freight costs, a trip through Turkey to the land-locked ‘stans of Central Asia is also an option!

  • In For The Long Haul?

Right now GlobeBusters are leading a group of riders along the Silk Route, all the way to Beijing in China. The northern route is all-tarmac, or if you fancy a challenge the southern route takes in Tajikistan and the Pamir Highway, eventually entering Tibet. Another popular long-haul route is the Pan American Highway, with Colombia to southern Patagonia providing breathtaking scenery and superb riding. If you’ve got a whole year to spare, why not combine several continents?

As an official partner of Continental Tyres, GlobeBusters have our complete range of adventure rubber at their disposal. Choosing the right tyres can make or break a trip, and thankfully we’ve got every eventuality covered! Whether on tarmac with the new ContiTrailAttack 3, unmade roads with the TKC 70, or some seriously tough terrain on the TKC 80, GlobeBusters know we’ve got their back.

You can view the full range of Continental adventure tyres here.