Packing tips for motorcycle adventure

When it comes to packing for any 2-wheel adventure, it’s very much a case of less is more!

Taking too much gear not only makes your bike too heavy, which can affect the handling – it also increases the chances of you finding yourself at the side of the road angrily rifling through your belongings to find what you need, before having to carefully repack them all again.

With plenty of miles under their belts riding to various far flung destinations around the world, GlobeBusters husband and wife team Kevin and Julia Sanders have been giving their advice on how best to pack for the ride.

  • Luggage

If you’re riding solo, two panniers should offer plenty of storage for your clothing, tools and other essentials. Add a small tank bag or map case for documents, your phone and money and put any other bits and bobs in your jacket pockets.

If you’re camping, a tough waterproof bag strapped to your back seat or rack is ideal.

Unless you’re riding with a pillion, try to avoid taking a top box. Otherwise you’ll fill the space with unnecessary weight just where you don’t need it.

  • Clothing

Packing for a two month trip is just the same as packing for a two week excursion – you just need a bottle of travel wash! The secret is to make lots of small adjustments – swap heavy jeans and jackets for more versatile outdoor clothing, take a lightweight travel towel and pack multi-functional clothes like a mid-layer which keep you warm on the bike but can also be worn at night when you’re in the local restaurant or bar.

  • Other Items

After your tools, the next bulkiest items tend to be electrical – so try to double up where you can. A smartphone can also make an ideal camera and GPS – so that’s three items in one!

When it comes to toiletries, why take up valuable space with items that you can get free in a hotel?

  • Have A System

Don’t just cram everything into your panniers ten minutes before you’re due to leave.

Have the items you’re likely to need at a moments notice, such as a rain suit, near the top where it is easily accessible.

Use tubs, zip lock bags and compression sacks to make the most of your available space and keep items organised.

Try to distribute the weight in your panniers as evenly as possible so it doesn’t affect the balance of your bike.

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