How fit do I need to be to ride a motorcycle?

You can have the latest bike and all the best gear, but the most important piece of kit on any trip is still you, the rider!

GlobeBusters husband and wife duo Kevin and Julia Sanders have had plenty of experience packing in the miles whether on one of their world record rides or leading groups across a continent.

In the latest edition of RiDE Magazine the pair have been giving readers some important advice about the benefits of being bike fit.

Essentially the fitter and more flexible you are the better – you’re better able to cope with long days of riding and will recover quicker afterwards.

So what can you do to get bike fit?

  • Know Your Muscles

Riding a motorcycle uses a number of muscles that you wouldn’t necessarily use in everyday life. A few sessions down at the gym can help to strengthen them, and you should learn some stretches too. Out on the road your back, neck and knees will really thank you for it!

  • Get More Experience

Ahead of your trip, make sure you get plenty of experience riding in all the various conditions you’re going to encounter including the likes of rain, snow and high winds. Even if you’re not planning on doing any off-road riding, it’s worth getting some basic skills before you go. You never know when you might need to make a detour or head across a gravel track to your next campsite.

  • Practice Fully Loaded

Don’t leave it until you’re at the ferry terminal to carry out some basic manoeuvres on your bike when it’s fully loaded with all your gear. The same also goes for your riding kit – use it regularly in the run up to your trip, finding out if it has any weak points in certain conditions that could make you too hot, too cold or even wet.

  • Improve Your Mental Fitness

Riding in unfamiliar conditions will mean you need to concentrate harder, which will be both stressful and tiring. It’s a good idea to learn to assess your state of mind. If you recognise the signs of tiredness or stress, which mean that you might not be able to perform in difficult conditions, you can deal with the problem right away.

  • Get The Miles In

You never know when you might need to do a big day in the saddle to make a ferry or cross a border on time. The more big-mileage practice days you do, the more you can be assured that you’re capable of doing 500 miles in 24 hours should you need to.

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