Iprovise to beat the cold motorcycle gear

Before the World Records and even the conception of GlobeBusters, founders Kevin & Julia Sanders were on a 9-month tour of South America and riding 2-up through The Andes.

A last minute evening detour saw the pair head up to a geyser field called El Taito which according to locals was best seen at dawn, but as they hit 4,320m above sea-level it was soon apparent that their riding gear was woefully inadequate for the night ahead.

Modern day kit has come a long was in a short space of time, but back in those days Kevin & Julia didn’t even have an over jacket, never mind thermal layers.

After a night spent shivering in their tent, dawn revealed that everything both inside and outside had frozen solid. Even the wooly hat on Julia’s head had frozen to the side of their tent.

So if you’re ever caught out by the cold weather, what can you do to improvise like a pro?

Well, according to the husband and wife team, the nearest petrol station is often full of useful items that can help!

  • Newspapers, foil emergency blankets or even plastic bags can be stuffed inside your clothes to provide some additional insulation. Bags over your socks will also help to keep your feet dry.
  • If you require an emergency base layer, a pair of thick ladies tights will work very well for your legs.
  • If the shop sells Marigolds, you can stretch them over your gloves as an additional waterproof and windproof barrier. The latex gloves often found on the forecourt do the same job when worn inside your gloves.
  • Cut out any drafts by ensuring your kit is tucked in, and tape any holes that you can’t plug.
  • A hot, energy rich meal or snack like pasta will help to give your body plenty of fuel.
  • Use the heat generated by your bike’s exhaust or engine block to get you kit warm so you have warm gloves and boots. Make use of hand dryers for a quick blast of warmth.
  • Also don’t forget that walking or light exercise will help to keep the blood flowing.

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