Brazil fly-ride motorcycle tours

Covering more than half of South America, with the world’s 9th largest economy and a growing biker scene, Brazil is ripe for motorcycle adventure!

In the July 2016 edition of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure the experts at GlobeBusters, who are now offering fly-ride tours to this amazing country, have been filling readers in on what they need to know if they are planning a visit.

  • How Do You Get There?

A flight will take around 12-hours, with savings to be had if you go from a European hub airport like Amsterdam. Bike hire is available, although a specialist shipping company like Moto Freight can get your own bike there and back if you’d prefer!

  • How’s The Weather?

Brazil is a huge country, so it varies. GlobeBusters proposed route for their tour takes in much of southern Brazil, where seasonal changes are more noticeable. Summer can be wet, so the ideal time to go would be from late August to early October, with temperatures expected to be around 21 degrees Celsius.

  • How Much Experience Will You Need?

A confident road rider with previous touring experience should be fine in Brazil. Cities like Sao Paolo will be quite chaotic, with poor lane discipline. Outside of the main cities roads are generally quieter, but beware of slow trucks on the twisties and overtake with caution. There are plenty of unpaved sections for the more adventurous rider, with extremely rewarding hidden gems just waiting to be found!

motorcycle tours sao paolo

  • What Currency Should You Take?

The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (R$), but it’s worth bearing in mind that they use full stops and commas differently to us in the UK. To give an example, one thousand five hundred Real and fifty centavos would be written as R$ 1.500,50 (not $1,500.50).

  • What Paperwork Do You Need?

At the time of writing, British tourists can usually enter Brazil without a visa. You will need to satisfy the Federal Police that you have enough money for the duration of your stay, and provide evidence of accommodation and return travel. Ensure your passport has at least 6 months left on it from date of entry.

  • What Bike Should I Ride?

David Beckham stirred up huge interest in Brazil back in 2014, when he use a Triumph Bonneville bobber in his BBC documentary. If you’re staying on the roads and not carrying much in the way of luggage, a roadster would be a lot of fun. If you’ve got a passenger and luggage, or plan to ride on the dirt here and there, a Tiger 800 as used by some of the GlobeBusters riders would be ideal. Whatever the bike, it should be robust enough to cope with the poorly maintained roads.

Brazil motorcycle tours

  • Where Should You Go?

Well, that’s ultimately up to you – but GlobeBusters have a list of places are worth your attention including the Trail of the Serpent between Capao Bonito and Apiai. Foz do Iguacu is one of the world’s largest waterfalls, and the Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland on the planet. The amazing Bonito caves surrounded by lush forest also contain some of the most impressive stalactite formations on the planet, along with waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and underground lakes. Don’t forget to try an authentic Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil!

For more information on the GlobeBusters ‘Brilliant Brazil’ tour, or just to get some further inspiration, check out their website.

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