GlobeBusters Beijing 2017

Kevin Sanders and the GlobeBusters entourage have officially arrived at the Ace Cafe in Beijing, at the end of a 13,000-mile motorcycle adventure, which started at London’s iconic Ace Cafe in April and took them overland through 19 different countries in total.

World Record holder Kevin led the international group of fifteen motorcyclists, who come from Austria, Belgium, Qatar, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Romania, Switzerland, the UK and USA, on a Triumph Explorer XCA fitted with Continental tyres.

It took 12 weeks to complete the trip, following the northern Silk Road, from Turkey, through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and then across the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan and into western China, with a detour to ride up to Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

Kevin started the ride on Continental TKC 70 tyres, later switching to the more aggressive TKC 80 tyres along with the rest of the group as they advanced further east and began tackling some increasingly difficult terrain which included the Pamir Mountains and Wakhan Valley which hugs the Afghan border.

“Finally we have made it to the Ace Cafe in Beijing” said Sanders from Beijing.

“It was a very hot ride into the capital and then a fantastic welcome by the local riders, customers and embassy staff. Mark and George flew in from Ace Cafe London Ltd and it was a great fun afternoon and into the evening of well earned celebrations. Thanks to all the riders and pillions on this year’s ride. Now some of us are getting ready for the next section to Japan, via Korea”.

This is the eighth time that Kevin has ridden from the UK to China, but for the very first time he will continue the ride all the way to Tokyo in Japan. In 2014, after a brief stop in Beijing, he headed south, travelling through Laos and Thailand, finally finishing in Bangkok. This year he will lead a select group from the Chinese capital to the eastern port of Weihai, where they depart on a brand new vehicle ferry service across the Yellow Sea to Incheon in South Korea. Then it’s a ride through South Korea to Donghae on the eastern seaboard, and another boat, crossing the Sea of Japan to Sakaiminato, from where they continue heading east to Tokyo.

You can find out more about the Continental adventure tyre range here – all tried and tested by GlobeBusters!