Best motorcycle overland add-ons

Some modifications can turn a good motorcycle into a great one, and if you’re planning a long overland adventure, many can prove to be essential!

You don’t have to be riding the kinds of distances that Kevin and Julia Sanders at GlobeBusters cover to make some of the mods worthwhile.

With that in mind, in the September issue of RiDE Magazine the record breaking husband and wife duo listed their top 10 essential upgrades if you’re planning an overland adventure:

  • Crash Protection

On a long journey, it’s almost guaranteed that at some point you’re going down. Even if it’s a low speed drop in a car park or at a petrol station,you need to ensure that all vital components are protected. Take a look at engine bars, bash plate and hand guards.

  • Aluminium Panniers

Strong, secure aluminium panniers can also act as an additional layer of crash protection, plus they become a handy chair and table if you’re staying under canvas!

  • Footpegs

If your journey will include gravel roads and longer periods of standing, then opt for a wider, more grippy set of pegs.

  • Radiator Protector

A hole in the radiator spells trouble, even more so when you’re in a very remote part of the world. This also applies to oil coolers.

  • Additional Lights

Lights are a great way of ensuring you’re seen when on the road, especially in developing countries where driving standards can be much lower. Make sure they are bright, and well protected against potential damage.

  • Upgraded Battery

Even using a minimum number of gadgets, like a GPS, alongside some heated grips, can put a strain on your battery.Remember it’s always better to have the right kit before you set off, than find it wanting several thousand miles from home!

  • Louder Horn

A louder horn is a real must-have for congested cities, especially in under-developed countries.

  • Aftermarket Seat

You want to ensure that your seat is comfortable for many long days in the saddle. Gel or air seat covers can also do the job, and if you’re riding in the heat, cool covers are great for air flow.

  • Taller Screen

Finding the right screen can have a huge impact on your comfort and the ability to stay focused during a long ride. Experiment until you get no helmet buffeting and a quieter ride.

  • Sidestand Extender

It might seem like a little thing, but at some point you’re likely to stop on some soft ground.

One other thing to think about before you leave is the kind of terrain you’re going to be tackling. Ahead of every trip, the team at GlobeBusters ensure they are using the correct Continental tyre for their needs, selecting from our broad range of adventure tyres which have taken them to many far flung parts of the globe.

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