GlobeBusters TyresWell known UK based motorcycle adventure & expedition business GlobeBusters have taken many riders round the world on their epic trips. Whether they are crossing Africa, Asia or the Americas they have the experience across their entire team to ensure you have an exciting and enjoyable trip no matter what the journey throws at you.

In 2014 the company announced that they will be continuing to use the water cooled BMW 1200 GS fitted with Continental TKC 80 tyres as their stock bike, and director Kevin Sanders said of the tyre:

“When riding from Alaska to Patagonia or London to Beijing, I need a tyre I can rely on, that’s why my choice is Continental.”

Having a business like GlobeBusters continuing to use the TKC 80 on trip after grueling trip is real testament to the quality and all-round durability of the product, which has proven to be a real winner with globe trotting riders around the world (and now the builders of custom scrambler bikes too!).

Thanks to GlobeBusters for their continued support, and we look forward to bringing you more news of their 2014 expeditions in the near future! You can also catch up with them on Facebook for more of the latest information.