As a BMW R1200 GSA owner, Roger Jones of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure was an ideal test pilot at the TKC 70 launch earlier this year.

In the magazines January 2015 edition, Roger gives his thoughts on how the tyres performed as the riders made their way around Snowdonia and the Cambrian Mountains, both on and off-road.

The first thing Roger highlighted was the high levels of grip available from the tyre:

“On the faster stuff I was really happy with how the grippy TKC70s proved. Purposely trying to break traction by being heavy on the throttle got me nowhere.” The TKC 70 is all about inspiring rider confidence, on tarmac or off the beaten track. Roger has covered over 100,000 miles on dual purpose rubber since 1998 and says “never has a previous product felt so good”!

“I knew what the tyres were doing at all times” says Roger talking about the impressive levels of feedback, regardless of speed or road surface. Feedback from end users said that they also wanted a quiet tyre, and despite its knobbly design, the TKC 70 does just that.

BMW R1200 GS tyres

Roger currently uses the ContiTrailAttack 2 on his own bike, and noted that the TKC 70 looked like a much more broad shouldered tyre. The TKC 70 has been designed using the carcass of the more road oriented ContiTrailAttack 2, to give even the largest of adventure bikes both light and agile handling. “I always found the TKC 70s really eager to pitch in to corners with very little input” commented Roger. “These tyres are substantial in their width and its natural to assume they’d be quite a handful to manhandle between lean angles, but this definitely wasn’t the case.”

The TKC 70 also features our latest Rain Grip compound, to give you unparalleled levels of wet grip. Luckily for our riders on the official launch, it decided to throw it down with rain whilst out on the bikes. In his article, Roger states “I remained full of confidence at all times. And I think its fair to say everyone felt the same, as the pace of the launch never relented. Even when the roads were full of deep puddles, we were able to cut our way through water with ease.”

Summing up Roger says “They might only have a 60% bias towards road usage, but they felt a fantastic product on tarmac. And I know that if these tyres were fitted to my GSA, I’d feel even more confident about tackling fire roads and lanes. If you need some new rubber for your adventure bike, I couldn’t recommend these enough.”

Find out more about the TKC 70 here. All V-rated sizes now in stock in the UK, and the remaining sizes will follow in Spring 2015.