Sport touring tyres on a sports bikeAfter taking the opportunity to test the new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO sport touring tyre on a 4500 mile ride to Morocco on an FJR1300, influential writer Doc and other members of the FJR Owners Club decided to give our latest sport touring tyre the ultimate test, on sports bikes!

After calling in a few favours first of all Doc fitted the new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO on the powerful Kawasaki ZX-10R which he has previously taken out on several different brands, on track days as far away as the Nurburgring as well as in the UK.

Following his test on the Kawasaki Doc commented:

“The first thing you notice is the super quick steering, not to the point of being unstable but just so light as it drops into a bend, this results in giving you confidence on entering bends and especially roundabouts.

At high speeds (90 – 100mph, tested in Spain officer) the bike felt very stable and couldn’t be faulted”

He then went to say that after 2000 miles that the tyres “just looked scuffed up so I’m hoping for around 5K and on a sports bike that’s impressive”

After the test on the big green bike from Akashi it was time for a European bike, or two as it turned out with an early Ducati 996 and the latest 899 Panigale, with test rider Jake taking the sport touring tyre shod 996 to a track day.

“Jake fitted them on the 996 and was amazed at their performance and light feel on the road” writes Doc who went on to say “then he did a track day with the BMW club at Snetterton. He was put in the fast group and for corner speed he had very few who came past. The tyre at the end of the track day looked like you would expect from a full dedicated track tyre, roughed up and sticky. At present this tyre has done 3k and is only looking half worn, and we agree these are all one needs for a modern sports bike.”

Taking the opportunity to ride the 899 Panigale for himself Doc said:

“Like the other sports bikes the steering was beautifully light and needed little effort to change direction or lean into a bend. It offered lots of feedback and the grip was impressive, you would swear you were on a pure sports tyre without the massive tyre wear.”

Summing up after the sports bike tests Doc had this to say about the new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO:

“I’ve tried these tyres on 3 sports tourers and 3 sports bikes and every one gave the same light steering and confident grip that’s even good enough for a track day. The least I’ve seen out of a rear was 5k but what was impressive was, even then, the feel of the tyre never went off and only by looking at the depth could you tell they were worn.”

“The only other tyre that comes close is the Pirelli Angel GT, again another great tyre for both grip and wear but personally, the Evos just have the advantage in the steering department.”

For a full list of sizes which also covers big adventure bikes please see the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO page.