FJR1300 Tyre RecommendationsFollowing the release of the highly anticipated ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO sport touring tyre, we gave a set to influential writer Doc at the FJR owners club to see what he thought as he took them on a 4,500 mile road test which included a trip over the Rif Mountains of Morocco.

When we asked Doc if he wanted to try out our latest offering, with improved wet grip and higher mileage than the standard ContiRoadAttack 2, he said he had only just finished a 2000 mile test of the Angel GT, seen by many as the market leading tyre of 2013. This was ideal, as one of the aims of the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO was to match the Pirelli in every area, and Doc was the ideal man to test the results with the performance of the Angel GT fresh in his mind!

Straight after the switch he said “my immediate feeling was how lighter the steering felt”. The ability to tip the bike into the corner with very little effort inspired confidence, and our unique Traction Skin technology meant that there was no need to scrub the tyres in from the moment they were fitted.

Doc covered 1900 miles in Morocco on roads that are described as “often bumpy, dusty and sometimes offering poor grip”. Doc commented that the roads of the higher Rif Mountains have an almost polished look that is “most disconcerting to ride over and in the wet looks lethal”. However he says that the new ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO never gave a moment, and they even had a further set fitted to another bike just to get a second opinion, with both bikes feeling secure in both the dry and the wet. From the picture you can see conditions the tyres were subjected to with Doc commenting “the dirt was caked all over the EVO tyres after wet riding but it never affected their amazing performance”.

Over the course of his 4500 mile test Doc reported that the tyres had “worn evenly with no steps” unlike the Pilot Road 3 which they had also been using. The new Continental also fixed the problem of slow steering which came from the Pilot Road 3, which can be best described as the steering feeling “difficult to turn, as if the tyres were the wrong pressure” by delivering “an amazing transformation of handling” with “light sweet steering”.

In conclusion we wanted to know just how they matched up to the Pirelli, and Doc said “they are equally as good as the best tyre on the market. Personally I feel that the Evo may have an advantage in the beautiful light feeling they give” with the Continental offering a better feel on the heavy FJR1300.

For a full list of available sizes please check the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO page via our website. With performance like this, isn’t it about time you tried Continental?