ContiRoadAttack 3 reviews

Earlier this month we took Carl Stevens of Fast Bikes across to Mallorca for the launch of the all-new ContiRoadAttack 3, and with their latest issue now on the shelves, we finally get to see what he thought.

Now if you’re currently looking at a copy and thinking “that’s not the same tyre that’s on your website” you’d be right, but don’t worry – they’ve accidentally printed an image of one of our two new cruiser tyres instead.

Mistakes happen, just please don’t confuse your local dealer by asking them for our new white wall sport touring tyre – it simply doesn’t exist.

ContiRoadAttack 3So here’s what Carl had to say in his ContiRoadAttack 3 review:

“Gifted a whole day’s riding and across a tantalising variety of great roads, the hardest thing was choosing which bike to ride first. Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 soon quelled my indecision, kicking things off with a steady jaunt through towns and local back roads. The pace was pretty chilled, but the tyres had no problems dealing with the tight bends, cobbled roads and bucket loads of bumpy tarmac we were travelling. The handling was predictable and grip was never an issue. But it begged the question, how would the fare when the pace got hotter? Surprisingly adequate, is the answer to that one.

Considering the longevity you get from the ContiRoadAttack 3s, they give heaps more feeling than you’d expect and bucket-loads of warning when things get a little sketchy, which is the most impressive aspect of these sporty little hoops. As the speed increased, I managed to nab myself a Yamaha MT-09 for a few miles, casually getting my knee down at every given opportunity.

These roads were far from perfect, and greasier than a used car salesman, but the Contis took it all in their stride and kept me sunny side up without any moment.

But the real test of performance came later that afternoon, when me and another geezer sloped off to crank up the pace and go in search of the limits of the rubber. BMW’s lethal S1000R seemed the perfect tool for the job and, with the traction control switched right down, I gave it the berries. Sure enough I did find the tyre’s limits, but I was impressed with how much you could ask of the tyres before they started breaking traction. Exiting first and second gear corners with a handful of throttle proved to be the Conti’s nemesis, but the heaps of feedback on tap meant I was never in danger and could react to the slides under control. They didn’t feel like a tyre made fo longevity at all. You could really push on the front into the turns and squat the back down on the way out, without encountering poor stability or lardy handling. I was really impressed.

At the end of the day, these ContiRoadAttack 3s do what they say on the tin; let you attack the road. They don’t purport to be track rubber, but I reckon they’re more than good enough for the typical street rider, regardless of what bike they’re riding. And, if the longevity and wet weather qualities are as good as what Conti are suggesting them to be, there’s no doubt these tyres are going to be a winner in 2017.”

In April 2017 you’ll also be able to claim £20 cashback when you have a pair supplied and fitted by your local UK dealer – the offer is also available on the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO, ContiSportAttack 3, ContiSportAttack 2, ContiTrailAttack 2 and TKC 70.

See for details – the site goes live on 1st April.

View the full range of ContiRoadAttack 3 sizes here.