KTM 1290 Superduke R tyres

The ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance is the most aggressive road tyre in our range – in fact, it’s based on our hugely popular supersport & superstock race rubber.

Utilising a more versatile compound than it’s track-focused brethren, tyre warmers are not required on the Endurance version, making it ideal for fast road riding as well as track day use.

Earlier this year, Ben over at Fast Bikes decided to fit a set to his KTM 1290 Super Duke R long-termer, and to give the RaceAttacks a full work-out he’d soon booked himself onto a track day at Brands Hatch.

KTM Superduke road and track tyresAfter a damp early-morning ride down to Kent, Ben had this to say in their October issue:

“On track, warming the Contis took a cautious three laps or so, as I wasn’t running warmers, but once up to temperature they worked beautifully, offering generous and confidence inspiring levels of grip and feedback.

The more laps I did on them, the braver I got and it wasn’t too long before the traction control system was becoming a regular feature in my soiree.

Honestly the whole electronics package on this bike is mega. It allows you to push those boundaries while keeping everything in check but all the while retaining the engaging experience that riding a motorcycle is all about. I’d have the thing lit up exiting the likes of Graham Hill Bend while chasing down the racer boys on their thous with a grin slapped across my chops like no other bike has given me before.

The big beastie proved to me that it’s actually much more capable than I had originally anticipated, and all due to exploring it’s parametres; throwing some stickier hoops on and utilising some of the finest parts (PowerParts) on the market that have been developed directly in line with the factory and KTM’s racing pedigree.”

You can pick up the latest issue of Fast Bikes for the full story.

Find out more about the ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance here.