Brammo Electric Bike ReviewThe latest Brammo Empulse R is an evolution of the highly acclaimed, award winning 2013 Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle. With an impressive top speed of 110mph, the latest Brammo has retained its title as the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world, and recently Isle of Man based Darvill Racing had the bike turning heads at both the Ramsey Sprint and Southern 100 as it was pitted against its petrol powered rivals on our standard ContiSportAttack 2 hypersport tyres which are fitted to the bike before it leaves the factory.

In their August 2014 issue Fast Bikes magazine took the opportunity to attend the UK press launch at the Top Gear test track in Dunsfold, and were surprised to find a bike “packing real substance” far removed from the other electric bikes of recent years.

The new Brammo also features a six speed electric gearbox, which the manufacturer says allows them to use a smaller, lighter electric motor in order to make the bike feel just like its petrol equivalents and as Alastair Fagan found out its fast, as he likened the power as very close to a 650cc v-twin!

Although the bike features a six speed gearbox, Alastair reckons that realistically you will only need three thanks to the versatile motor and wide spread of power which allows the bike to “effortlessly pull away in third without crippling the clutch”.

So how does it handle? Well Brammo have worked closely with Accossato to create a bike that “instantly feels sharp”. Alastair goes on to say that “The Empulse R slings to its side with ease and steers with supreme ability, aided by a fine choice of rubber – Continental SportAttack 2s. Theres a real sense of togetherness with the chassis. I tried my damned hardest to upset the Brammo, but it just kept responding with supreme ability and stability, controlling its weight beautifully with both ends planted into the tarmac”. Alastair even thinks that the Brammo will out-corner any naked sports bike, and he was shocked by the aptitude of the Empulse R actually really liking the bike.

So what about the numbers? The number of charging points in the UK is growing with around 6,300 at present (and don’t forget you can do it at home too). On average it should cost you around £1.60 to give the Brammo Empulse Rs Lithium Ion batteries a full charge which should give you a range of around 100 miles making it an ideal commuter. It also users KERS-tyre regenerative technology under braking to extend range during urban riding to around 120 miles. With the right software the Sevcon controller can be used to tune the bike and dial in power to any throttle increment too.

“The Empulse R is an ideal commuter” says Alastair “with heaps of fun and frolics on offer. And its a cinch to ride for any pilot. Whether you like it or not, electric bikes (of some sort) are the future. Whether or not the transition will happen during our lifetime remains to be seen, but if bikes like the Brammo continue with this sort of progression, I wont be complaining if were forced onto them.”

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