GlobeBusters essential adventure bike modifications

When it comes to travelling around the world on a motorcycle, GlobeBusters truly are the industry experts.

Guinness World Record holders Kevin & Julia Sanders now lead groups of riders across some of the toughest terrain on the planet, with Kevin currently leading a tour from Ushuaia in South America all the way to Alaska.

In the June 2016 edition of RiDE Magazine, the husband and wife duo have been advising riders on some of the essential modifications they make to their Triumph motorcycles before they leave for a trip.

Accessories and add-ons are great for adding comfort, protection and storage ahead of any trip, but the wrong modifications can weigh you down and actually end up causing problems rather than solving them.

Kevin & Julia advise that to begin with, you look at your journey and consider what you’re likely to encounter – where you are in the world will relate to how easily accessible replacement parts will be.

Also, how far are you travelling each day, for how long, and what will the weather be like?

The bike still needs to be able to perform, but it needs to be comfortable and protected from any potential damage where possible.

Some of Kevin & Julia’s essentials for their long trips include:

  • Aluminium Panniers – Strong, secure and watertight, also adding another layer of crash protection.
  • Engine Bars/Sump Guard – It’s likely you’re going to go down at some point. Be proactive, not reactive!
  • Hand Guards – Added protection from debris and the weather, great to combine with heated grips.
  • Radiator/Oil Cooler Protection – A hole in your radiator in a remote location could spell trouble.
  • Extra Lights – Bright, protected lights help you to be seen.
  • Upgraded Battery – All those electrical extras can drain a standard battery.
  • Sidestand Big Foot – For when you’re on softer ground.
  • Louder Horn – A must have in congested cities and less developed countries where driving standards can be very poor.
  • Chain Oiler – One less thing to worry about doing whilst riding, and one less item for the panniers.
  • Seat Mods – After market seats or gel & air seat covers give added comfort on long days of riding.
  • Taller Screen – No helmet buffeting and a quieter ride make a huge difference on long distances
  • Handlebar Risers – If there isn’t enough adjustment in your current bars, these add extra comfort.
  • Larger Footpegs – Ideal for providing greater comfort if you’re heading off-road.

One other thing to consider is the state of the roads on your route – as this has a significant impact on your choice of tyre in terms of both how they’ll perform and how long they will last.

As the official tyre choice of GlobeBusters Motorcycle Expeditions, they have our entire adventure tyre range at their disposal, from the road-oriented ContiTrailAttack 2 to the undisputed off-road king that is the TKC 80, with the TKC 70 providing the best of both world’s on roads with a loose surface.

You can check out our complete adventure tyre range here.