ContiTrailAttack 2 reviews

At the end of last year, we had the pleasure of introducing you to the Mavericks Freebirds – an all-women’s motorcycle group, fronted by the globetrotting Steph Jeavons and sponsored by Mavericks Motorcycles of Chester.

Set up to provide a fun place for women bikers to meet and share their passion of motorcycling, the group allows them to chat with like-minded women riders on anything from technical issues, to arranging ride-outs, to prepping for a big trip.

Recently, group member and GS rider Emma Webb decided to ditch her stock rubber for a pair of ContiTrailAttack 2 tyres.

After covering a large number of miles, she posted her thoughts to the group:

“These tyres are designed for heavy adventure bikes, so I tried them out on my BMW R1200GS and I thought they were fantastic. I had always used the Michelin Anakee tyres which were the stock tyre for the bike. So this was the first time I had tried out something different and the Continentals were a definite improvement. The road handling was amazing, particularly in the wet.

I gave them a massive challenge even before they were properly scrubbed in as we had torrential rain literally the day after they went on my bike, and I was out first thing, in the pouring rain on a training ride with an associate. And we didn’t just ride through puddles, we rode through stonking great big lakes and rivers running down the back lanes, and the tyres were awesome.

ContiTrailAttack 2

They have also coped really well in the slippery conditions this winter and I noticed quite a difference on a particularly vile corner which nearly got the better of me with the Anakees. Not even so much as a slight twitch with the Continentals. In fact from the moment I rode away on them I noticed the bike handled better, particularly when cornering. The bike felt so much more planted. So it was not a surprise when I subsequently read that the tyre is specifically designed not to need scrubbing in due to its innovative construction and the use of Continental’s “traction skin”.

I didn’t have the chance to try them on mud, off road, as I thought that might be pushing them too far, but on gravel tracks they performed really well. If it had been summer I would have given the off-roading a try (and will do this summer) as they are marketed as a dual sport tyre. However, around me (Hampshire) our off-roading is chalk and slippery when wet, even on enduro style tyres. So in the winter that sucks on a heavy adventure bike.

If you ride a heavy adventure motorbike and want superior handling, particularly on wet, slippery roads then I would definitely recommend them. Sorry BMW, the Anakees are not a patch on these Continentals. For a long adventure through Eastern Europe and beyond they would definitely be my tyre of choice.”

With a comprehensive adventure range, Continental offer the right tyre choice for any type of terrain.

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