Ducati Multistrada sport touring tyres

Ducati’s Multistrada combines sports-bike-like performance with all day touring comfort.

Despite it’s adventure styling, the 17-inch conventional road tyre sizes open up a wide choice of rubber to owners, with modern sport touring tyres proving a popular option thanks to their combination of all-weather performance and excellent longevity.

Over at Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, editor Mikko Nieminen recently fitted a pair of our new ContiRoadAttack 3 tyres to his long term Multistrada 1200 S.

best Multistrada tyresIn their very latest issue of the magazine, Mikko had this to say:

“The handling was further improved when I fitted some Continental ContiRoadAttack 3 tyres.

Admittedly the old Pirellis had already been well and truly squared by the time the new tyres arrived, having served me well for the first 4,500 miles.

The Contis seemed to give the bike new enthusiasm and great feel in corners.

They were quick to warm up and after the first few tentative miles of having them fitted I was carving the backroads on my way to the office with full confidence in them.

It really does go to show how important it is to have good quality tyres with plenty of wear left – not just for safety, but for riding enjoyment too.

The stability and predictability that you get from tyres like the ContiRoadAttack 3 is quite frankly impressive.”

Earlier this year the ContiRoadAttack 3 beat five tyres from other big name manufacturers to win the industry’s leading independent sport touring tyre test, conducted by Motorrad Magazine.

It has also won the highly respected PS Magazine sport touring test in 2017, again fighting off competition from five other top brands.

To find out more about Mikko’s experience with the Multistrada, pick up the latest copy of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure.

You can find out more about the ContiRoadAttack 3 here.