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We’re delighted to be working alongside Manx GP veteran Steve Moody and wife Elaine again this season, as the former BSB privateer sets his sights on a full season with the EMRA at Mallory Park, and the famous Isle of Man Mountain Course.

This weekend saw the opening East Midlands round at Mallory, with Moody riding his Honda NC29 complete with ContiRaceAttack Comp tyres in both the Pre-Injection and Lightweight classes.

A cold morning gave way to sunny spells in time for the rider briefing and noise testing, but as first practice commenced, grey clouds once again engulfed the Leicestershire countryside. Temperatures dropped as bikes and riders ventured out for the first time in the 2019 race season.

First practice saw Steve take Erin, his beloved NC29, out for her first run of the year, and a lap time of 1:01s put him 2nd overall, and 1st of the 400s. In second practice, Moody put the second NC29, essentially an old road bike with a race fairings bolted on, through it’s first laps of Mallory, managing a 1:04s lap which would see him start the Pre-Injection race from near the back of the grid.

In the opening Pre-Injection race Steve set off 14th on the grid, behind the much quicker 600 and 1000cc bikes. Undeterred, Moody wound back the throttle and pushed the NC29 to the limit from start to finish. One by one, the ageing pair picked off the younger, faster riders. Despite being at a disadvantage on the straights, the little 400 made up for it in the bends, and after a great race Steve finished in 7th.


There was little time to take a break before the opening lightweight contest, as Moody started 2nd on the grid. As the red light went out Moody charged forwards, taking the lead from the first corner; Corkett on bike #8 hot on his tail! Lap after lap the pair battled for the lead, Moody quicker from Gerard’s to the hairpin, and Corkett faster down the home straight. The pair swapped positions lap after lap, but on lap 8 Steve finally began to pull away, taking his first win of the season by 7.6s ahead of the RVF, which it turned out had suffered serious engine damage at the end of the race! As a gesture,Steve and Elaine would lend Corkett the spare NC29 for the rest of the day.

After an impressive first race in the first Pre -Injection class, Steve was ready to do it all again from the back of the grid. A gutsy performance, which included a 58s fastest lap on the 25 year old Honda, saw him climb from 14th to 5th.

For his final race of the day, Moody took off from pole position and opened up an early lead of around 5 seconds. A second Lightweight win of the day saw him claim the maximum 400 championship points.

The next EMRA meeting takes place in mid-May, and we wish Steve the best of luck!

Image credit – Pez Anson.

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