2moro rider Rhys LawreyRound-the-world rider Rhys Lawrey, also known as 2moroRider, has now completed the Australasian leg of his record-breaking journey. Rhys timed his journey well, arriving in the New Zealand city of Auckland just in time to lead the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride on his Triumph Tiger 800XC.

The DGR event took place across 57 countries, with 258 rides in total, all held to raise money to fund research into a cure for prostate cancer.

“People here are so friendly – the Triumph Owners Club picked me up from the airport, joined me for parts of the ride, put me up in Christchurch and helped to raise funds for the Princes Trust. On top of that, Triumph NZ have donated prizes for me to raffle off after talks I’m giving around the country, the money from which also goes to charity. I even got to visit the British High Commissioner, who treated me to English tea and cakes!” says Rhys, who has now traveled 21,500 miles since leaving the Ace Cafe in May.

Since then Rhys has crossed Europe, Asia and Australia, before arriving in New Zealand. He is now spending some time in the country, whilst his bike is shipped to the USA by sea freight. Rhys will fly out to America in November, to resume his quest to become the official record holder for the youngest person to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle.

“Tigger [the Triumph Tiger 800XC] has been so reliable – people are quite disappointed when I tell them, because there aren’t any exciting disaster stories! Apart from routine services, I just check the bolts, give everything a squirt of WD-40 and top up the Scotoiler”.

“Im still on my second set of ContiTrailAttack 2 tyres. The first set lasted for 12,000 miles over some of the worst roads that Asia has to offer. We put the second set on in Bangkok and theyve carried me through Australia. And all without a puncture (I hope that doesn’t jinx me).”

After he arrives in the USA, Rhys will travel down into Latin America, and then on to Africa, arriving back in Europe in 2015. He is also raising money for the Princes Trust in the UK as he goes, and you can find out more, and even make a donation, via his website.

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