After a long and difficult 7 hour journey, Dilligaf Racing finally made it to Oliver’s Mount, where rider Steve Moody was set to compete in his first ever Spring National Cup.

Oliver’s Mount it England’s only natural road race circuit, and it’s tight and twisty 2.43 mile layout tests riders skills to the maximum. As a newcomer to the circuit, Steve was given a minibus tour of the track with veteran racer Keith Pringle.

Oliver's Mount Spring Cup

The following day sunshine turned to rain, just in time for first practice, with Steve taking his first sighting laps in the wet. After a major incident, the first practice session became timed qualifying. Steve’s first session saw the team head out on the ContiRaceAttack Rain, but as the track dried quickly they realised that a dry option would have been better suited to the conditions, and the qualifying times of their competitors showed this. Steve qualified at the very back of the race for the Junior B race. He did however fair much better in the Spring Cup qualifiers against the likes of Ivan Linton and Dean Harrison, knocking 8 seconds off his best time.

The first Junior B race took place in the dry, and saw Steve slash his lap times by a further 3 seconds, to make up 11 places from the back of the grid and finish in 9th. After a short break which saw Guy Martin win the Spring Cup A race, Steve was again in action, and starting from the back of the pack. Once again he picked up the pace, putting in a lap time of two minutes dead, to finish 15th.

The second day of racing was also plagued by rain, but this time the team’s decision to stick with a wet weather tyre paid off, qualifying 11th for the Junior B race, gaining a grid position for the Spring Cup B race too. With a better knowledge of the circuit, Steve picked his way through the field on his ContiRaceAttack Rain tyres, just 1 second off the fastest race lap, finishing 7th.

Dilligaf Racing Olivers Mount Spring Cup

With one race to go, the rain began to ease off, and Steve and the other competitors took to their starting positions. This time, Steve went one better with a 6th placed finish, and knocking another two seconds off his best wet race lap time.

After the event, a delighted team commented:

“The Continental ‘wet’ tyres performed to the same high performance standard as the ContiRaceAttack providing Steve with the grip and confidence he needed  on this wet road surface.”

Find out more about the ContiRaceAttack Comp and ContiRaceAttack Rain.

The team will be back out again at the end of this month, so Steve doesn’t have long to wait before the action begins once again. All photo credits to Mark Dickinson.