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New for 2011 the ContiScooty gives light handling responce and optimum water evacuation for safe riding in poor weather conditions as well as excellent dry grip and high mileage.

Making the ContiScooty the ideal tyre for year round riding.


Size Pattern Front/Rear
350 -10 M/C 59L TL reinf. ContiScooty U
100/80 -10 M/C 58L TL reinf. ContiScooty U
100/90 -10 M/C 61J TL reinf. ContiScooty U
120/70 -12 M/C 51P TL ContiScooty U
130/70 -12 M/C 56P TL ContiScooty U
130/60 -13 M/C 60L TL reinf. ContiScooty U


TL = TubeLess
U = Universal

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