university of Nottingham Darvill Racing Southern 100

There can be little doubt that development of electric motorcycles has come a long way in a relatively short space of time.

To demonstrate just how far one of the leading lights in the electric motorcycle racing world, The University of Nottingham, have teamed up with historic Isle of Man team Darvill Racing to pit two of their latest machines against petrol bikes in the upcoming Southern 100.

Darvill have a long association with the famous 4.25 mile roads circuit, which they have been competing at since 1957 in the days of their famous namesake Peter Darvill.

Joining long-term University of Nottingham rider Daley Mathison on the team’s second bike will be S100 and Darvill veteran Chris Foster, who came out of retirement earlier this year, the thrill of racing pulling him back into the thick of the action once again after a brief layoff period.

The two eBikes will be pitted against petrol powered motorcycles in the Lightweight 125 / 400cc races on the Wednesday evening of the Southern 100, and again on Championship Day.

With Southern 100 regulations specifying treaded tyres only, Chris’s bike will be fitted with his favoured ContiRaceAttack Comp tyres which he last used around the Billown Circuit in 2015 when heavy rain blighted the event.

Dr Gimeno-Fabra said from the University of Nottingham said:

“Our main goal is to push the limits of the available technology, and in doing so also teach our students what they can do with their degrees. Far from just being another University project we are a racing team, and competing at the highest level is what we want to do. Being able to race at the Southern 100 which is such an iconic road race is fantastic, there is nothing like road racing to test the capabilities of any machine. We hope to put up a good show and be competitive against the petrol bikes which is something unprecedented. We are delighted to be able to partner with Darvill Racing for this event, their technical knowledge and experience is outstanding, but they also fit with our team values and work ethics.”

Team Principal Alex Aitchison commented:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with the UoN Team bringing their well-prepared machines to the Southern 100. We have worked closely with the team for a few years now, their dedication and commitment are a credit to them all and their progress to date has been amazing to follow. As our ‘hometown race’ the S100 has a special place in our hearts especially as it is right on our doorstep. I can’t thank the Southern 100 Committee enough for their continued support and progressive approach, we are all looking forward to lining up alongside Daley onboard the #2 bike on the grid!”

We wish the team the very best of luck, and we are very proud to be involved in this historic event.

Find out more about the ContiRaceAttack Comp here.