MotoE Series Tyres

Racing in the final round of the MotoE season at Silverstone over the weekend, Chris Foster picked up a first series podium for his Darvill Racing team on the #50 blue Agni machine.

MotoE is an official European Championship for electric motorcycle racers, and it sees teams from the across the globe, battling with each other across five rounds within Europe for the privilege to call themselves the MotoE European Cup Champions.

After a wet qualifying session, Chris was pleased to see that the weather had changed, with conditions clear, cold and fresh. Unfortunately, with the 2014 race budget gone, if it rained, as had been the case on the Saturday, it would be slicks all round regardless.

“I was wearing slicks, so slicks was what Id be using” said Chris. “Having said that my worries were not as bad as they could have been as Id already sampled the wet track capabilities of the Continental racing slicks in the Saturday practice session and they are totally confidence inspiring…I’d used the Race Attack treaded tyres previously in the wet with spectacular results so was hoping the slicks would give me a similar performance and I was not to be disappointed…The more modest speeds of the electric bikes make bringing tyres up to temperature a challenge but the predictable nature and outright grip of the Conti was just phenomenal…I am genuinely bowled over by these tyres!”

The final race of the weekend, and the series saw Chris get a good start to join the lead pack of ARC and Zongchen electric machines. Relying on battery power, an interesting added element is that of managing battery consumption. Along with team engineer at Agni Cedric Lynch, Chris was confident that he could maintain his qualifying pace for the race duration, without emptying the battery. The lead pack, however, let their race heads get the better of them, deciding to pull away too early, which saw the ARC machine use up its charge before the race was finished.

Managing his pace, and his battery with a strong, consistent performance on the ContiRaceAttack Slick shod Agni, Chris brought the bike home in 3rd to record his first podium of the season. The team now look forward to next year, as more teams and bikes around announced for the extended 2015 MotoE series, which promises an interesting battle of both engineering and rider.