Darvill RacingFollowing a private test day two weeks prior to the event, and a subsequent trip back to the work shop to replace a split head gasket the Darvill Racing team who are leading the Open Classic ARA Championship at Jurby on their ContiRoadAttack 2 CR classic race tyre shod Kawasaki Z1R were entering into the Pre-TT Classic at the Billtown Circuit in Castletown.

The weather for the first practice session was wet, but team principal Alex Aitchison commented that “the classic Contis are magnificent, and we were able to keep it pinned with Keith full confident in all conditions these are truly the best classic tyres we have ever used”.

Moving in to the second session the Z1R qualified in second despite being pitted against some much newer and more powerful machines. However the final practice lap saw the Kawasaki engine leak a large volume of oil out of the breather and all over the back wheel with the team unable to get it fixed in time for the race.

Elsewhere on the island the team decided to enter the Brammo Empulse R electric bike into the Ramsey Sprint, which left the organisers somewhat puzzled as to which class to enter it into. Eventually it was placed with the 600cc production bikes. The Brammo electric bike comes straight out of the factory on ContiSportAttack 2 tyres which were recently rated as Best on Public Road in an independent hypersport tyre test.

Whilst being outgunned in terms of rear wheel horsepower, the Brammo impressed with Keith McKay getting the bike up to second place at one point during the day, although the team finished 5th overall in class. A superb result for Keith who is no stranger to the event having won it a number of times previously, also showing that electric bikes can really hold their own against their petrol powered rivals.

The team were then due to compete in the Post-TT but due to bad weather this was called off by the S100 club in the interests of rider safety.