TKC 80 Review24 Hours ago we were contacted by James Markoja via our Facebook page, who wanted to let us know about his positive experience of using the Continental TKC 80 on his Transalp 700.

James then posed us a little bit of a problem, as he wanted to buy another TKC 80 for his bike. Normally this wouldnt have been a problem, but as it transpired James was in Thailand on a trip from the UK to Australia on his motorcycle.

Having covered trips by the likes of Nick Sanders, who have gone around the world on Continental rubber and proven its credentials in dealing with all kinds of conditions I was curious to find out more about James trip and his motives for doing it. After a little bit of digging and armed with the contact details of Continental tyre distributors in Bangkok, James very kindly sent me some more background information on the hows and the whys that were behind his decision to make this epic journey.

He arrived in the UK 8 years ago from his native Australia, and initially intended to stay for just a few weeks. However, in that short time he met Anna, who is now his wife, and who he has managed to talk into doing the expedition with him.

James isn’t interested in setting records, or raising the profile of a particular cause, and admits that really he just wanted to see something more of the world on his way back home to Kiama in Australia.

So far their route has seen them cross the channel, before riding through France and Germany into Poland. From Poland they then headed down, and eventually arrived in Turkey where an impromptu tyre change saw him fit the TKC 80 which he says has been excellent in seeing them all the way through to Thailand. Since fitting the product they have faced all types of terrain in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Laos.

The couples family are able to keep an eye on their progress via a GPS tracker, which is also available on their blog along with some fantastic photos from their trip.

Good luck to James and Anna on their trip, and thank you for getting in touch to give us your feedback and share your experiences! Were glad you like the TKC 80, and that we could help you find another one in Bangkok!