California Superbike School instructor training

California Superbike School were the UK’s first ‘Gold Standard’ accredited on-track motorcycle rider training school, so it’s fair to say that they set their standards pretty high.

One question they are often asked is, “What does it take to become an instructor?”

With the most comprehensive Coach Training Program in the world, there is certainly a lot of hard work involved on behalf of both parties.

Previous coaching or racing experience is not required, and current staff are certainly not just looking for fast riders. The ideal candidate should be a great communicator and observer, and an even better listener who is dedicated to learning and developing.

The selection process is exactly the same for everyone, and the first requirement is that you yourself have completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 at the school so that you have experienced it yourself. You’ll need to be able apply the various CSS drills, and need to display a deep understanding of how and why they work, and why they are a good thing to do. All current coaches at the school were former students.

If you’re interested in finding out more, it’s best to speak to the General Manager at California Superbike School UK either over the phone or in person when you’re attending a training session. That will ensure that the instructors are keeping a very close eye on you throughout the day to see if they can spot the attributes they’re looking for. Then comes some honest feedback, and if the school like what they see then you’ll be booked in to attend a try-out day.

It takes many months of hard work and study to reach what CSS lovingly call ‘The Grilling’… a stage that is legendary among their coaches, where they check the depth of your understanding. If you pass the grilling you begin the official on-track Coach Training Program with a senior instructor before you finally get to wear a set of CSS coach leathers for yourself and do it all for real.

California Superbike School become a coachWorking as a coach with California Superbike School is not a full time role,  but instructors are expected to work a minimum number of days per year which many often fit around their other job.

California Superbike School UK have partnered with Continental in the UK for a number of years, and their current Ducati fleet is fitted with the latest ContiSportAttack 3 – a hypersport tyre which allows them to run events come rain or shine in complete confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about the school check out their website.

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