Triumph Scrambler tyre fitment

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is very much the in thing at the moment, as the popularity of scrambler type bikes grows and grows.

Despite ample weight and superb geometry, as Bike Magazine point out in their January 2015 issue, they are not overly stable. Triumph have worked hard to find original equipment rubber that helps to keep the bike composed, but at the moment the bike leaves the factory with a radial rear and bias-ply front.

Bike Magazines Mike Armitage highlights that there have been huge improvements in tyre technology since Triumph homologated their Bonnie-based retro back in 2006, especially in the adventure market. With this in mind, he decided to fit a pair of ContiTrailAttack 2, our road biased adventure sport tyre.

Mike explains:

“The difference is remarkable. On dry roads the scrambler has more grip than it can ever use and far greater steering accuracy, with vastly improved feedback and roadholding. Better still it is stable, composed and more accurate on sopping roads, rolling smoothly and securely through turns. Its not about going faster (although you can); its about feeling relaxed and confident.”

And if you still want to stick with the chunky style on/off-road tyres, we do the excellent TKC 80 Twinduro too…