Tyre Review by Craig Whitney,  of The Rider’s Digest and Moto Shed.

“A trip to Corfu on Conti’s:

With a 3500 mile trip ahead of me it was time to select the right tyres for the job, the existing Conti/Michelin combo had been a compromise forced by a worn to the canvass rear in Ireland last year, so a matched pair was called for.

I settled on a pair of ContiTrailAttack 2’s after a short selection process, tempted by the high Mileage on offer as well as the “Black Chilli” finish and no release compound, meaning they’d be good to go with no wear in period, straight from the box!

Fitted by a mate, I picked the bike up a few days before the off, I was instantly impressed by the sheer amount and depth of tread on offer, a good 8mm at least! They looked better than the tractor tyres they replaced as well, in a 150/70/17 rear and 12/60/17 front, a bit of a compromise as it should’ve been matched profiles, but I’d wear it for that much tread…

We set off to Calais on the first stretch of a marathon trip, to my son’s wedding in Corfu. Black Forest, Alps, and Autoroute were all dispatched with utter indifference. They tyres really started to show their mettle in the Alpine sweepers, laying the bike right over with ease and confidence and not a twitch to be had.”

best BMW R1200 GS tyre

“After we’d seen off the wedding, we headed back for Ancona in Italy and another Autostrada marathon after a visit to Tavulia to worship at the Rossi HQ. Then it was the Gorge du Verdon on a luggage free day, side to side, left to right, fast or slow they refused to budge. Sticking doggedly to the line. Even a misjudged overtake while racing a Golf GTI (ahem), resulting in a last minute, past the apex, corner taking episode, entirely failed to faze them. A Thunderstorm later in the day proved they can more that handle the wet too.

Back north through France with N roads, twisties and Autoroute all mixed together, I never gave them a single thought, which must be a good thing. They just did the job perfectly.

Once on the Eurotunnel I actually looked at them for the first time in days, they still had at least 5mm left in the middle of the tyres and look good to go for at least another 3500 miles, if not more!

Astonishing. The Tyres were fitted to my Husqvarna SM 630 Supermoto, not the heaviest bike by a VERY long way, so a more podgy adventure bike might put a bit more strain on the hoops, but my brother accompanied me on the same trip, on Road Attacks, with some 2000 miles already on the clock, same roads, MUCH more luggage on a GS1200 and they had at least another 1000 miles of life left in them at the end of the trip too.

Highly Recommended.”

A big thanks to Craig for taking the time to test out our latest adventure road rubber!