ContiTrailAttack 2 review

The ContiTrailAttack 2 is the most road-oriented tyre in our adventure range, excluding selected sport touring tyres which we also offer in common adventure motorcycle sizes.

Featuring a number of our core technologies including Traction Skin, MultiGrip and a Zero Degree belt it is a 90/10 tyre offering excellent grip on both wet and dry roads, along with superb neutral handling which has seen it chosen as an OE fitment by both BMW and KTM since it’s introduction.

In the 6th April 2016 issue of Motorcycle News have been giving their feedback on the ContiTrailAttack 2 after a year long test of these on a father & son shared Yamaha XT660R, which included regular winter commutes and a tour of the French Alps.

In his review tester Rupert Paul says:

“During all that time Fred had one slip on overbanding, when he was still quite new to riding. Otherwise the wet/dry grip, banking smoothness and high-speed stability are fine. Much of the time was commuting on bumpy lanes and dual carriageways. A bigger test was thrashing over the Alps overtaking scores of GS riders, which was massive fun. Like all road-oriented trail tyres they’re fine on dry hard-pack and terrifying on wet mud.”

MCN awarded the tyres 4 stars out of 5 for both quality and value.

You can view the full range of ContiTrailAttack 2 sizes here.

And if wet mud is more your thing, try the TKC 80…..