ContiTrailAttack 2 adventure bike tyresKnown for their in depth, thorough product testing regime, Motorrad have a reputation as the number one magazine in the industry when it comes to evaluating tyres.

This year, their crack team of expert testers have been trying a number of road-biased adventure motorcycle tyres on a BMW R1200 GS, including our popular ContiTrailAttack 2. It was up against a number of newcomers to the market, including the Dunlop TrailSmart and Pirelli Scorpion Trail II, as well as the Metzeler Tourance Next and Michelin Anakee III.

Tyres are tested in the dry on Germany’s excellent country roads, as well as on the autobahn at high speeds. There is also a wet handling course available to testers, to judge how the various tyres perform in controlled conditions.

Commenting on the performance of the ContiTrailAttack 2, Motorrad magazine said that “Conti tyres are usually real highway hunters – which also makes this Enduro format no exception” – stressing the fact that it outscored all competitor tyres in terms of maneuverability on the country road section of the test. They also praised the neutral handling of the tyre, even at the highest possible angles of lean, along with the good feedback it gave.

In the country road and autobahn test it scored as follows:

  • Maneuverability – 28/30 – 1st place
  • Steering Precision – 26/30 – joint 2nd place
  • Corner Stability – 18/20 – joint 2nd place
  • Grip At Lean – 9/10 – joint 1st place
  • Grip Under Acceleration – 9/10 – joint 1st place
  • Stability When Fully Loaded – 7/10 – joint 3rd place
  • Stability With Pillion – 16/20 – joint 2nd place
  • Boundary Behaviour – 8/10 – joint 2nd place
  • Righting – 8/10 – joint 1st place

Summing up, Motorrad magazine said that Continental had made “great road tyres” in the form of the ContiTrailAttack 2.

The ContiTrailAttack 2 uses a number of core Continental technologies found across our premium motorcycle tyre range, including a Zero Degree Steel Belt, Traction Skin, Black Chili Compound and MultiGrip.

Find out more about the tyre including available sizes here.