Fast Bikes ContiTrack Slick review

Earlier this year, we managed to convince Fast Bikes resident racer Dangerous Brod Wilson to try out a pair of our latest ContiTrack Slick tyres, and he’s stuck with them ever since.

With the season now well and truly over, Brod’s been looking back on a year in the No Limits 600s and also telling readers what he thinks of the tyres too:

“We switched to using Conti rubber around mid-season. It raised a few eyebrows because they were different to the normal brands most others used, and I’ll admit to having been a little apprehensive myself.

The bottom line is they’ve been awesome tyres, and I’d hugely recommend them to anyone who’s after durable, high performance and stable rubber.

The most important piece of advice is to choose the right compound, with mediums being a great option for most meetings where the temperature’s below 25 degrees. Only when it’s hotter than that do you want to look at running a soft rear, but a soft front can be used in all weathers.

The front end of my bike always felt great, and we made good progress by altering pressures and adjusting the bike’s ride height to suit the Contis. If you’ve been using Pirellis, the Contis are around 10mm smaller in height, so you need to adjust your ride height to compensate.

Get that sorted out and you’ll find the Contis don’t just grip well, but turn sharp and always feel planted.”

The racing season may be over, but we’ve got fresh stocks at the ready for UK riders planning a foreign track day this winter – all you need to do is speak to your local motorcycle tyre dealer!

You can view the full range of sizes here.